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Vagabond Jay has been tattooing since 1999.  He started his career in Atlanta, GA at Top Notch Tattoos and then moved on to Inkkman Tattoos.  He then opened his own shop called Elektryk Inkk Tattoos which he operated for 10 years.  He finally planted his flag in Tampa, FL at Studio 54 Tattoos. He tends to do more traditional style tattooing but is open to do what the customer likes. You can see his work here:

aluminum wiring replacementLEE "MR. LEE" BAILEY

Mr. Lee has been tattooing since 2005, opening his first small studio in Leeds, UK in 2009 which has now expanded into Skinz Tattoo Studio, a larger premises with 5 resident artists. Lee will put his hand to all styles, from script to portrait and continues to enjoy the art and learning new styles and techniques.

aluminum wiring replacementRYAN "VON RYAN" SHELDON

Ryan finished his 2 year long apprenticeship in 2015 at Skinz Tattoo Studio in Leeds, UK. He now works alongside his mentor Mr. Lee with a 'custom work only' approach to tattooing. Von Ryan specifically enjoys Neo Traditional, Oriental and Script.

aluminum wiring replacementFUZ BRAND

Fuz has been tattooing since 1994, calling True Image Tattoo Studio in Pittsburgh, PA home since March of 2005. He enjoys many styles of tattooing, but prefers his own brand. He loves to travel between guest spots, tattoo conventions or abandoned buildings. When Fuz is not tattooing you can find him along some trail deep in the forest.


aluminum wiring replacementMICK "METAL" O'HERIEN

Mick finished his apprenticeship under Shotsie Goreman in 2005. After working at a few shops in the NY/NJ area, he opened Revolution Tattoo Company in Pearl River, New York in 2011. Mick enjoys tattooing in American Traditional, Neo-Traditional and Japanese styles.